No matter if you’ve been burnt yourself, or your child has inadvertently been hurt, burns are an upsetting experience. Especially when providing first aid, you want to be confident you know the correct steps for treatment. What’s the first aid for burns? The makers of mundicare® are committed to sharing the word to make sure everyone knows the correct first aid treatment for burns.

There are several types of burns, some more dangerous than others and knowing the correct first aid is important. While most people think of burns in terms of contact with flames or hot objects, burns can also occur from chemicals, electrical sources, steam or hot water.

Burn Classifications

Burns are classified depending on their severity. You’ve likely heard of the different degrees: first, second and third degree burns. These days, we classify burns a bit differently, by superficial, partial thickness, and full thickness burns. They are distinctly separate from one another but all need medical attention. Whether you can treat your burn at home with 20 min of cool running water and mundicare® Burnaid® Gel or seek out emergency care, you can find more information here on each type of burn as well as its individual classification.