Burn Safety

The best way to be safe from burns is prevention. We all lead busy lives. So here are a few simple tips to help make your home and kitchen safe for children and your family.

For children aged 0-5 years the most common injury is scalds, caused by mimicking adult behaviour. Like pulling hot drinks off tables, touching hot taps or grabbing saucepan handles.

Babies and young children have fragile skin and their skin burns deeper and more quickly than adults and at lower temperatures.

Dos and Don’ts to prevent burns and scalds.

  • Do turn saucepan handles away from the edge of the stove.
  • Do keep hot liquids (including coffee, tea, noodles and soup) well out of reach.
  • Do test the bath water before putting the child in.
  • Do not carry a child on your hip, or nurse a baby or small child whilst cooking, drinking hot drinks or heating a baby’s bottle.
  • Do not leave a child unattended in the kitchen or bath especially when hot water is running.


For full safety facts, download ANZBA’s handy guide.

*Recent AU survey of 515 people