Electrical Burns

Electrical burns or shocks occur when there is direct contact with a live electrical current.  Common causes of these burns are exposed electrical wires, water spillage on appliances, cuts through a live cable, old wiring or faulty electric machines.  Although cases related to electrical burns only account for a very small percentage (14 out of 419 adult burn cases in the 20 to 29 age group), they still require specialised burn treatment¹.  People who experience electrical burns have to undergo treatment under a specialised burns unit, as extensive damage can occur to underlying structures in the body.

Electrical injuries are described as low (less than 1000 volts) or high (1000 volts and up).  Low voltage injuries are usually associated with localised tissue destruction, while high voltage injuries are deep and extensive tissue damage with three patterns of injury: flame injury from ignition of clothing or accessories, by arc of current from source to object and caused by live, current flow.

In case of an electrical burn and injuries, call 000 and seek medical attention immediately.

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