Hot Water Burns

Hot water burns, also known as scald burns, often occur as a result of spilled boiling water. Elderly persons are at a higher risk of obtaining hot water burns because of their thinned skin. Hot water burns may cause burn blisters. When these occur, do not pop or open blister and instead perform first aid.

First Aid for Hot Water Burns

To perform first aid on someone who has a minor hot water burn:

  1. Remove the person or yourself from the danger. Turn off the hot water, removed hot water soaked clothing, or jewellery that may hold heat.
  2. Using clean water, cool the burn by applying cold, running water for 20 minutes. If no clean water is available, immediately apply Burnaid® Gel or Spray. Some old wives’ tales might advise you to use butter, toothpaste or other strange creams on your burns. These are myths that should be avoided considering that they can do more harm than good.
  3. Cover the burn with Burnaid® hydrogel and then apply a clean, non-stick breathable dressing. Burnaid® hydrogel cools and soothes to help relieve pain, and is formulated with purified melaleuca oil as an antiseptic.

Seek medical assistance if clothing is stuck to the burn site or burn site is larger than a 20 cent piece or found on face, hands, groin, feet or involves the airways.

® BURNAID is a registered trade mark.