How Burnaid® Works

The Burnaid® range of products have been specially designed for the first aid treatment of burns. They cool and soothe burns to reduce pain and the hydrogel also donates moisture to the site.

Burnaid® gel contains 4% melaleuca oil, and is for the first aid use on minor burns, scalds and sunburn.

Burnaid® dressings are sterile gel impregnated dressings which can be applied onto the burn area to provide a cooling effect to help relieve pain. The dressings are impregnated with a hydrogel which donate moisture, and provide a physical barrier against contamination. The dressings are for the first aid treatment of burns until medical attention is sought.


How Burnaid® Dressing Works

  1. Burnaid® Dressing creates a protective barrier to pathogens
  2. Maintains a cooling effect post initial first aid
  3. Helps prevent skin dehydration, by donating moisture to the burn site
  4. Low-adherent design, for easy removal at assessment
  5. Burnaid® Dressing helps to cool and soothe the burn and assist in pain reduction

Burnaid® gel is water soluble and can be rinsed off should further medical treatment be necessary.

Burnaid® products won’t discolour the healing skin, to allow fast and objective burn depth assessment.

Burnaid® Key Product Benefits:

1. Cools and soothes to help relieve pain

The water based gel provides a cooling action to help relieve pain.

2. Hydration

The water based gel donates moisture to the burn site to minimise the risk of skin dehydration and maintains the cooling effect post running water first-aid treatment.
Burnaid® Dressings provide wound cover to protect the burn site from contamination.

3. Easy to remove

Burnaid® Dressings are low adherent for easy removal at assessment.
Burnaid® Gel is water soluble and can be readily rinsed off should further medical treatment be necessary.

Burnaid® Dressings are sterile. The dressings are for single use only. Once opened, the dressing should be used once and then discarded. Do not use the product if the sachet is torn or damaged. Burnaid® Dressings should not be stored at temperatures exceeding 30°C.
Burnaid® Gel can be used for up to 28 days after opening. Burnaid® Gel should be stored below 30°C.