WOUNDAID® Dressings

mundicare® WOUNDAID® dressings are a range of advanced dressings. There are 3 types of dressings in this range:

  • F: Film adhesive
  • H: Hydrocolloid
  • N: Non-adhesive

WOUNDAID® F and N are foam dressings while WOUNDAID® H dressings are hydrocolloid dressings. mundicare WOUNDAID® dressings are designed to absorb and retain exudate to create an ideal, moist wound healing environment.

mundicare® WOUNDAID® Non-Adhesive Dressings (N)

mundicare® Non-Adhesive foam dressings were created to provide the vital protection for healing skin whilst creating an ideal, moist wound healing environment. Smartpore technology® prevents skin cells from adhering into the dressing while the protective outer layer prevents external contamination. The hydrophilic nature of this foam dressing allows fast absorption and retention of exudate. It is available in 2mm and 5mm thickness to manage medium to high amounts of exudate.

mundicare® WOUNDAID® Film Dressings (F)

Available in 2mm thickness, mundicare® WOUNDAID® film dressings are water-proof to keep your wound protected and allowed to heal. The foam padding is designed with Smartpore technology® that absorbs and retains exudate and provides an ideal, moist wound healing environment.

mundicare® WOUNDAID® Hydrocolloid Dressings (H)

WOUNDAID® H dressings have been designed to be thin and flexible, to allow the dressing to conform to the skin. The hydrocolloid wound contact layer forms a gel upon contact with exudate, and provides an ideal moist healing environment. The dressing’s outer layer keeps the wound free from external contamination and is also waterproof.