mundicare® Woundaid® Hydrogel FAQ

How long can I use the Woundaid® Hydrogel after opening the tube?

Woundaid® Hydrogel can be used until the expiry date located on the tube. It is a multi-dose hydrogel designed for single patient use.

Woundaid® Hydrogel can be reapplied daily as needed, always remember to recap after use.

How do I apply Woundaid® Hydrogel?

Woundaid® Hydrogel can be applied directly into the wound site or into a covering dressing.

On what types of wounds can Woundaid® Hydrogel be used?

Woundaid® Hydrogel can be used on minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, skin tears and abrasions.

For more serious wounds, it is best to seek a healthcare professional’s advice.

How does Woundaid® Hydrogel work?

Woundaid® Hydrogel base provides an ideal, moist wound environment. It has an antimicrobial formula which contains 4% melaleuca oil. The antimicrobial properties of the oil help inhibit the growth of bacteria and helps reduce the risk of infection in order to support the body’s natural healing process when applied to minor wounds.

Woundaid® Hydrogel also supports wound debridement.

Would the level of 4% Melaleuca Oil in Woundaid® Hydrogel cause any skin reactions?

Woundaid® Hydrogel contains melaleuca oil and some people may experience irritation to this active ingredient. If this happens to you, it’s best to stop using Woundaid® Hydrogel and see a healthcare professional.

Can application of Woundaid® Hydrogel be painful?

The application of Woundaid® Hydrogel usually has a soothing and cooling effect. However if there are any concerns, apply on an alternative site for skin test prior to application.