mundicare® Daily Intimate Wash Foam is specially formulated with prebiotics to help support the natural pH balance of your intimate area. So what does this all mean?


Our bodies are home to probiotics that are beneficial to the body. Under normal conditions, probiotics in our intimate area environment can maintain optimal pH balance, support and restore immune functions and prevent unfriendly organisms from thriving.


Prebiotics are ingredients that promote the growth of probiotics. Probiotics need prebiotics to grow quickly and reduce the growth of unfriendly organisms that can cause unwanted symptoms.




Our Intimate Wash Foams come in three variants with unique botanical ingredients that offer unique benefits:


Sensitive Protection Immortelle – also known as the “everlasting” flower, contains a natural antioxidant that helps improve the skin’s natural moisture



Moisturising Calendula – a natural extract from the C.officinalis flower, is known for its moisturising properties, keeps the skin healthy and protected against dryness



Freshening Lemon Verbena – native to South America, this natural and organic extract from the citrusy leaves of the Lemon Verbena plant leaves a refreshing sensation



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