No Touch Protection

mundicare® Antiseptic Spray

mundicare® Antiseptic Spray is perfect for families on the go. Made using single origin, purified Melaleuca Oil, our no-touch spray allows you to apply this soothing, cooling treatment without touching minor cuts, scratches, grazes and abrasions. The natural antiseptic properties of Melaleuca Oil help to reduce the risk of infection of minor wounds, providing you and your loved ones with soothing relief.


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  • Ingredients

    Melaleuca Oil, one of the purest forms of tea tree oil, has been used for thousands of years to support the healing of skin irritations, minor wounds, abrasions and insect bites and stings due to its antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.


    All of the melaleuca oil used in mundicare products is lovingly harvested, refined and purified at a single origin in Byron Bay. Our farmers have delicately perfected their distillation process over the years to extract the finest quality of oil from their melaleuca plants. They are only harvested once a year, and the leaves are carefully selected before being distilled in line with very strict regulations. As a result, the oil we collect contains approximately 17% more antimicrobial agent than what is required in the Australian and International standards.



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  • How to use

    1. Clean the surrounding skin.
    2. Apply to the affected area.
    3. Cover if necessary.

                 Repeat application as required


  • Treatment Advice

    Cuts and Scrapes

    Banged up knees, grazes from stray tree branches and cuts and abrasions are all a part of a happy childhood. When it comes to providing first aid for your family’s minor scrapes, you’ve got two things in mind: you want to help relieve your child’s pain while helping to prevent infection. With mundicare® Antiseptic Spray– made with natural, single origin Australian Melaleuca Oil – in your home first aid kit, you can feel confident that you and your family are prepared.


    Treatment – Cuts and Scrapes

    When it comes to minor abrasions and cuts, caring for them is simple. Still, if you miss a step or two, you risk the cut becoming infected, so it’s important that you follow each step to make sure your first aid for cuts is effective.


    Cleaning a Cut

    1. Perform hand hygiene by washing your hands.
    2. To clean a small open wound or scrape, rinse the injured body part with sterile or fresh water. If there is debris in the wound, increase water pressure to rinse it from the wound, or gently remove it with sterile tweezers or your clean fingers. Do not scrub at the wound.
    3. Allow the area to dry completely.
    4. Disinfect the wound using an antiseptic such as mundicare® Antiseptic Spray. It won’t sting like alcohol based antiseptics often do, and it contains purified, single origin Australian melaleuca oil with natural anti-microbial properties to help reduce the risk of infection.
    5. Use a non-stick, breathable wound dressing for a cut or scrape and change when it becomes soaked through or is uncomfortable.

                Reapply mundicare® Antiseptic as needed.


    Possible Signs of Infection

    Sometimes, despite our best efforts or even the best efforts of trained health care workers, minor abrasions, cuts and scrapes still become infected. Seek medical help if you see any of the following signs and symptoms¹:

    • Fever with or without chills
    • Heat at the site of the injury
    • Redness and swelling, especially after the cut has seemed to be healing
    • Pus or bad smells from the site
    • Pain or soreness at the site

    A medical professional should oversee treatment for any infected wound. It can be difficult to avoid cuts and scrapes, especially with children. However, try to keep your children’s play area free of objects that could cause dangerous lacerations or puncture wounds, and seek treatment for any wounds they receive as soon as possible.



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  • FAQ

    Because mundicare® Antiseptic products contain a small amount of Melaleuca Oil (aka tea tree oil) are there concerns regarding allergies? 


    As with any therapeutic good, some people may experience side effects to its ingredients. mundicare® Antiseptic products contain Melaleuca Oil (tea tree oil) and some people may experience irritation or a localised allergic reaction to this ingredient.[1] If you experience irritation or a skin reaction you should stop using mundicare® Antiseptic product and ask your pharmacist or doctor how to manage your cut or scrape. If you do experience a side effect when using a mundicare® Antiseptic product, please report this to the Medical Information Department at Mundipharma. email:



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