All In One Kit

mundicare® Burnaid® Burn Kit

A handy first aid burn treatment kit. This pack contains a mix of mundicare® Burnaid® products
including dressings and sachets of hydrogel, so you can keep in your cupboard at home and always
have the right treatment on hand.


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  • How to use

    1. Place burn under cool running water for 20 minutes.
    2. For small spot burns, apply Burnaid® hydrogel liberally to burn area. For larger minor burns, place the Burnaid® impregnated dressing over the affected area.
    3. Bind lightly with the bandage if required.

            Repeat application in 20 minutes or as needed.

  • Treatment Advice

    Did you know 88% of minor burns occur at home, but 90% of burns sufferers don’t know how to treat a burn correctly?[1]

    Burns need fast, effective treatment. There are many misconceptions about correct first aid treatment. The good news is, it’s easy. Here’s our simple 3-step guide to first aid for burns.


    1. REMOVE
      Remove yourself from danger. Remove any clothing / or jewellery that is not stuck to the burn from the affected area to allow effective cooling of the burn.
    2. COOL
      Cool the burn under cool running water for 20 minutes. If clean running water is not available use a hydrogel such as mundicare® Burnaid® Gel. Do not use ice, butter, toothpaste, creams or ointments as these may make the burn worse.
    3. COVER
      Apply a hydrogel such as mundicare® Burnaid® gel to help relieve the pain. Cover with a clean dressing.


    Seek medical assistance if clothing is stuck to the burn site or burn site is larger than a 3cm, with blisters, or is found on face, hands, groin, feet or involves the airways or if you have any concerns.



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  • FAQ

    I have been told I cannot use any creams or lotions as first aid for burns. Is this true? 


    That is correct. The recommended first aid for burns is to run cool water over the burn for 20 minutes and this should be started as soon as possible, preferably within 1 hour. The use of cool running water is still helpful up to 3 hours after the injury has occurred.[1] The use of cool running water helps clean the wound, reduce the size (area and depth) of the wound as well as help relieve pain.[2,3] Do not use butter, toothpaste and creams as first aid for burns as these can trap in heat and do not help cool the burn.[1] They can also cover the wound in a film like substance and make removal and burn assessment for medical practitioners difficult, should you need to seek medical assistance. Ice should not be used as it hasn’t been shown to improve healing of the burn, and may even damage the skin tissue[3]. If clean, running water is not available, mundicare® Burnaid® is a useful alternative[4]. mundicare® Burnaid® can help cool the burn, reduce the pain and provide a protective barrier over the wound.[2-4]


    How long can you keep mundicare® Burnaid® products?


    mundicare® Burnaid® Dressings are sterile products. The dressings are for single use only. Once opened, the dressing can be used once and then discarded. Do not use the product if the sachet is torn or damaged. mundicare® Burnaid®Dressings should not be stored at temperatures exceeding 30°C. mundicare® Burnaid®Gel in tubes (containing 4% melaleuca oil), can be used for up to 28 days after opening. mundicare® Burnaid® Gel tubes should be stored below 30°C.


    Because mundicare® Burnaid® products contain a small amount of Melaleuca Oil (aka tea tree oil) are there concerns regarding allergies?


    As with any therapeutic good, some people may experience side effects to its ingredients. mundicare® Burnaid® contains Melaleuca Oil (tea tree oil) and some people may experience irritation or a localised allergic reaction to this ingredient.[5] If you experience irritation or a skin reaction you should stop using mundicare® Burnaid®and ask your pharmacist or doctor how to manage your burn. If you do experience a side effect when using a mundicare® Burnaid® product, please report this to the Medical Information Department at Mundipharma.


    Is it possible to use too much mundicare® Burnaid®?


    mundicare® Burnaid® products are for the first aid treatment of minor burns, scalds or sunburn. You should seek medical advice for more serious burns, for example if the skin has blistered, if the burnt area is bigger than 3cm if the skin has broken, or if the burn is deep. Deep burns are often white, mottled or cherry red in appearance.[2] If you have any doubts or concerns seek medical attention. Cool dressings such as mundicare® Burnaid® Dressings can provide pain relief for minor burns and they are intended to be used short-term for first-aid.



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