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mundicare® Skin Relief Powder

Protect your skin from irritations, rashes and daily chafing with mundicare® Skin Relief Powder. Our natural product keeps your skin dry and protects from these everyday rashes. The Zinc Oxide found in our powder helps heal while acting as a barrier between your skin and external irritants. Made with single origin purified Australian Melaleuca Oil, our Skin Relief powder will help you protect and maintain healthy skin.


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  • How To Use

    1. Clean and dry skin.
    2. Apply liberally to the affected area.

             Repeat application as required.

  • Treatment Advice

    What Causes Itchy Skin?

    Itchy, dry, chafed, and uncomfortable skin is the source of so much frustration. There are hundreds of things that can cause itchy skin. What you eat, lack of adequate hydration, sun exposure, insect bites and medications are just a few of the reasons you or your family may experience discomfort.


    What Commonly Irritates Skin?

    Itchy skin and rashes are common. Skin can become easily irritated by chemical exposure, artificial fragrances, as well as exposure to some grasses.


    If you or a loved one is experiencing a skin rash, consider visiting your primary healthcare provider. For first aid treatment of minor skin conditions, the  mundicare® Skin Relief range helps protect and soothe chafing, rashes and skin irritations.


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  • FAQ

    Because mundicare® Skin Relief products contain a small amount of Melaleuca Oil (aka tea tree oil) are there concerns regarding allergies? 


    As with any therapeutic good, some people may experience side effects to its ingredients. mundicare® Antiseptic products contain Melaleuca Oil (tea tree oil) and some people may experience irritation or a localised allergic reaction to this ingredient.[1] If you experience irritation or a skin reaction you should stop using mundicare® Antiseptic product and ask your pharmacist or doctor how to manage your cut or scrape. If you do experience a side effect when using a mundicare® Antiseptic product, please report this to the Medical Information Department at Mundipharma. email:



    1. Carson CF et al. Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil: a review of antimicrobial and other medicinal properties. Clin Microbio Rev 2006;19(1):50-62