Soothe & protect wounds

mundicare® Woundaid® Gel

This first-aid hydrogel is designed to promote wound healing by providing an ideal, moist wound environment.

Containing single origin, purified Australian Melaleuca Oil known for its antimicrobial properties,
mundicare® Woundaid® Gel helps support healing while also helping to reduce the risk of infection.

Now in an improved thicker application designed to stay in the wound bed for longer.



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  • Ingredients

    Melaleuca Oil, one of the purest forms of tea tree oil, has been used for thousands of years to support the healing of skin irritations, minor wounds, abrasions and insect bites and stings due to its antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.


    All of the melaleuca oil used in mundicare® products is lovingly harvested, refined and purified at a single origin in Byron Bay. Our farmers have delicately perfected their distillation process over the years to extract the finest quality of oil from their melaleuca plants. They are only harvested once a year, and the leaves are carefully selected before being distilled in line with very strict regulations. As a result, the oil we collect contains approximately 17% more antimicrobial agent than what is required in the Australian and International standards.



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  • How To Use

    1. Clean the surrounding skin.
    2. Apply liberally to the affected area.
    3. Cover if necessary.

              Repeat application as required.

  • Treatment Advice

    Wound Care Management

    For minor injuries, wound care is simple.

    1. Start by washing your hands before you touch any open skin.
    2. To clean a small open wound or scrape, rinse the injured body part with sterile or fresh water. If debris is present in the wound, increase water pressure to rinse it from the wound, or gently remove it with sterile tweezers or your clean fingers. Do not scrub at the wound.
    3. Disinfect the wound using an antiseptic. If you are using an alcohol-based solution, this part may sting, so warn your child calmly that they may feel uncomfortable for a moment. Allow them to hold onto you while you apply disinfectant over the minor cut or abrasion, or dab at it gently with an alcohol soaked sterile cotton pad. Another option is to use mundicare® Woundaid® Gel to clean the wound. It has a soothing and cooling effect, and it uses natural melaleuca oil to help reduce the risk of infection.
    4. Use an appropriate, breathable wound dressing for a cut or scrape and change when it becomes soaked through or is uncomfortable.


    Wound Severity

    Although they may be acute in nature at first, most minor wounds heal on their own. However, certain illnesses and situations may cause wounds to heal slowly or become infected. If you think this might apply to your wound, it’s always best to seek medical attention.


    Consult a healthcare professional when your wound:

    • Won’t stop bleeding
    • Contains any foreign material
    • Is deep
    • Looks infected eg. red, swollen, pain at the site
    • Is caused by human/animal bite
    • Is caused by a metal object and when you have not had a tetanus shot


    How to Prevent Wounds

    Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to wound care. You should prevent minor wounds by:

    • Staying away from dangerous areas.
    • Using a flashlight at night.


    Wound Dressing Types for Minor Wounds

    Wound dressings are available at pharmacies and can be used to support the healing of your wound or to prevent worsening of an existing wound. Different dressings include¹:

    • Low-adherent dressings: low adherent dressings are designed to absorb small amounts of exudate from minor wounds.
    • Hydrocolloid: hydrocolloid dressings are generally used on minor burns, blisters and lacerations.
    • Adhesive foam: foam dressings come in varying thickness for mild, moderate and high exudating wounds.
    • Adhesive bandage: adhesive bandage or plaster that is designed to be flexible and used on minor wounds.
    • Non-adhesive foam: non-adhesive dressings are designed to be extra gentle so they do not damage to healthy or newly formed skin when removed. They also come in varying thicknesses.



    1. Tissue A. What are the Different Types of Wound Care Dressings?.Advanced Tissue. 2013. Available at: Accessed June 15, 2016.


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  • FAQ

    How long can I use the mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel after opening the tube?

    mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel is a multi-dose hydrogel that can be used until the expiry date located on the tube. It is a multi-dose hydrogel designed for single patient use.

    mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel can be reapplied daily as needed, always remember to recap after use.


    How do I apply mundicare® Woundaid® Gel?
    mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel can be applied directly into the wound site or into a covering dressing.


    On what types of wounds can mundicare® Woundaid® Gel be used?
    mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel can be used on minor wounds, cuts, scrapes, skin tears and abrasions.
    For more serious wounds, it is best to seek a healthcare professional’s advice.


    How does mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel work?
    mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel base provides an ideal, moist wound environment. It has an antimicrobial formula which contains 5% Melaleuca Oil. The antimicrobial properties of the oil help inhibit the growth of bacteria and helps reduce the risk of infection in order to support the body’s natural healing process when applied to minor wounds.
    mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel also supports wound debridement.


    Would the level of 5% Melaleuca Oil in mundicare® Woundaid® Gel cause any skin reactions?
    mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel contains Melaleuca Oil and some people may experience irritation to this active ingredient. If this happens to you, it’s best to stop using mundicare® Woundaid ® Hydrogel and see a healthcare professional.


    Can application of mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel be painful?
    The application of mundicare® Woundaid ® Gel usually has a soothing and cooling effect. However if there are any concerns, apply on an alternative site for skin test prior to application.


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