Common cold facts



How does a cold develop?

Common colds are caused by viruses transmitted through the air via coughing and sneezing and close contact with the cold sufferer.


How do viruses spread?

Common cold viruses are inhaled through the nose and mouth and attach to the mucosal lining where they multiply and spread.


What causes the symptoms?

When healthy cells are infected by a cold virus, the body responds by activating elements of the immune system. This immune response is what causes the typical symptoms of a cold.

Tips to keep your cold at bay


        Strengthen your immune system
        with a balanced diet and mild exercise

        Get enough sleep as this renews

        and aids your immune system

         Maintain proper hand


        For kids, keep toys clean by

        disinfecting them regularly

        Carry hand sanitiser for use in

        public spaces where viruses can spread

         Cover mouth when sneezing or

         coughing, with your elbow


How to identify a common cold

Colds in Kids

Did you know?


On average, a child gets a common cold 6-8 times per year. Each episode can last up to two weeks – that’s up to 16 weeks a year! In comparison, the average adult experiences a cold on average 2 times per year.


Why do children catch a cold so often?

The immune systems of young children have not yet matured and lack resistance to what causes a common cold. They also tend to engage in activities and are exposed to environments that put them at greater risk of catching a cold such as:

Why you need to treat appropriately?

If left unmanaged, a common cold could lead to complications in children with underdeveloped immune systems or pre-existing conditions. It is important to always seek medical advice should symptoms worsen or persist.


Did you know?

Unlike some cough and cold medicines which cannot be used to children under the age of 6 years, and only in children aged 6-11 under the advice of a health care professional, Cold Defence Kids can be used in children aged 1 year